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Celebrating a decade with our 10th Annual Spa Week

It's hard to even fathom, Wink is turning 10! A LOT has happened over 10 years. A lot of ups and some downs but here we are shining bright and turning 10. For some, 10 years seems small, but in the salon/spa industry making your first year without closing is a feat in itself. To be sitting here with 3,652.5 days or 87,600 hours under Wink's belt is one to celebrate!

When I first opened my goal was to provide for my son and put food on the table as a newly single mom. It's a goal I am proud of. A lot of hard work, long days and many tears accompanied that rollercoaster time in my life. Although my goal of providing for my son never has ever changed, I set new goals in place. In 2012 I created a business plan (mind you- on a napkin - which I STILL have) to create a safe haven for women to come in relax, be themselves and to never be judged.

You'll often hear me say "my door is always open" or "we will be here for you", and quite literally I ALWAYS mean that. Not everyone has someone and if we can be that for you, just know - we are here, no matter what. Alongside creating a safe space for our clients, I wanted to create a special time of the year where our clients can enjoy services at a discounted rate. What do I mean? Well, when LIFE happens, and things take a turn the first thing we do is cut out something so crucial to our mental wellbeing. What is that you may ask? Our beloved beauty treatments. I don't know about you, but I feel fierce when I take a little time to care for myself. Total rejuvenation of my soul happens. So that is how Spa Week™ was born.

Every April 2-10 we celebrate with our annual spa week. Spa week is a collective of our favorite beauty treatments at a fraction of the price. It's a week that some wait all year for, and I am so grateful so many of you take advantage of putting yourself first. If you have never joined us, we hope to see you and for those returning we are grateful for your return. Want to know what is on the list? Discounted facials, hair, lash and body treatments. You can literally get a facial, body treatment and a blowout for $150!......that's 2 hours and 45 minutes of pure bliss dedicated to you and your soul. Try it out, trust me you'll be happy you did.


Marie Goodwin

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