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Our popular body treatments are the perfect way to end the busy week. Awaken your senses and renew your soul with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system. Reach ultimate relaxation after this treatment and leave feeling revitalized, ready to tackle anything that your upcoming week may bring you.

Rosé Bubbly Body Wrap

75 min, $150

A large pour of soft for thirsty skin! To begin, rough patches are banished away with an organic scrub made with sea salt harvested from the U.S shores. Next a bubble mask with arnica Montana flower extract provides soothing benefits to chapped skin. It's truly happy hour when arms, shoulders, and legs are painted in an antioxidant-rich serum made from Texas grapes. We end this intoxicating affair with a vitamin E shea butter rubdown.

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Coconut Bliss Body Buff

60 min, $130

An irresistibly softening organic whipped shea butter and sugar exfoliator buffs skin to smooth, supple perfection as the scent of fresh coconut, lemon and bergamot fills the air. Once skin is polished, a hydrating massage with an organic coconut oil and shea butter cream — scented with white coconut and pineapple — completes this blissful experience. You’ll be ready to face the world — feeling and smelling like you’ve journeyed to a tropical paradise.

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Skin Care


45 min, $100

This nourishing treatment will make you shine. You’ll feel awakened, balanced, and rested. A targeted cleansing and exfoliation begin your facial session, followed by steamed ultrasonic extractions, light massage, a customized mask to lighten pigmentation and restore ph. balance. Concluding with a tailored moisturizer + spf.

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Marshmallow Latte Body Treatment

60 min, $130

It’s amazing how great your skin will feel after a soothing milk wrap, followed by an awakening of your spirit with a whipped shea sugar scrub infused with caffeine and arabica bean extract to invigorate and exfoliate. Smooth out the spell with the magic of a melted shea butter drizzle that will leave you glimmering and glowing for hours.

Back Massage

Avocado Pear Refresher Body Wrap

75 min, $150

This crisp and mind-awakening treatment brings a renewed energy to your mood. Begin with the succulent scent of ripe pears filling the air as a sea salt and rice bran oil exfoliator begins to remove all your dull and tired skin. A cool, refreshing Guac Star ® Mask is then applied. This rich avocado butter mask infuses skin with fatty acids, moisture locking ingredients, and skin-feeding super antioxidants — green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. All of this is bundled up in a nourishing yet sultry nectar milk and chicory root wrap. Finally, an uplifting citrus shea butter whipped massage leaves notes of sunshine to carry you through your day.

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

Brandied Pear Sea Salt Body Buff

60 min, $130

A Bartlett pear-infused brandy sea salt scrub will enchant the senses, taking you on a sweetly-scented journey into relaxation. Vitamin E-rich rice bran oil will have you set for smooth, glistening sailing. We polish out this experience with a light and airy all-natural marshmallow butter massage. Dancing through warm brandied clouds has become a reality when we layer on this luxurious ultra-rich butter blend that includes Shea, cocoa, and mango butters, tinted with notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. The combination leaves your skin feeling soft as satin

Just Juiced Rejuvenation Body Treatment

60 min, $130

Let’s begin with a revitalizing cocoon — infused with nourishing vitamin E — this wrap warms and softens skin to prep for a watermelon seed oil & sugar exfoliation. Did we mention buffing features organic vodka to lift spirits? A silky tangerine scented shea butter then hydrates and brings forth your inner glow.

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