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What better way to boost your spirits than with a spa treatment? The Spa at Wink has developed a menu of Fragile Client treatments to support your recovery in a warm, welcoming setting.

We are ever mindful of your comfort and privacy and understand that each Fragile Client has unique needs. It is necessary for you to consult with your doctor and confirm that you have received medical permission to partake in these treatments.

Depending on the type of cancer treatment our patient is currently undergoing, as well as what your current side effects are, our treatments will be tailored to your specific needs.

Treatments will often involve acupressure or modified massage, calming and hydrating products and ingredients, while avoiding overstimulation in the skin with things like harsh exfoliants or steam.

A complete list of product ingredients and treatment protocols are available

Image by Elena Joland

MG Fragile Facial™

Image by Evie S.

MG Fragile Facial™ Express

Relaxation Facial: (50 minutes) $60

This extraction and steam free facial gently cleanse impurities with unscented products. A soothing facial massage and mask application stimulates circulation that leaves your skin looking vibrant and restores hydration. We gently massage your hands and cocoon them in warmed towels leaving them silky soft.

same as above, just shorter time.​

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