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Farmhouse Fresh Vegan Facials

Fresh ingredients grown and sourced in Mckinney, TX

A luxurious results oriented "farm to table" facial treatment experience 

Natural Beauty Models

Bountiful Berries Anti-Aging Plantfoliant Facial 


Begin this youth-defying facial with a creamy green tea and coconut milk cleanse to gently rid complexion of bacteria and makeup. Next, banish the look of pores with very berry aronia extract tonic just before a minty plant based exfoliant with 5 botanicals leaves you gleaming! Next, feel the firm when a delicious banana puree and New York-grown echinacea mask is painted onto complexion. As you relax in this tightening blend, neck, shoulders, arms and hands are massaged with a quinsyberry extract super oil — loaded with vitamin C to improve skin texture and brightening. You’ll wine down with a resveratrol serum, full of super fruit vitamins and nutrients. Finally, you can smooch crow’s feet goodbye with an under-eye transforming serum and a youth-defying, peptide-enriched coconut milk moisturizer.

*This facial is also nut free*

Banana + Watermelon Smoothie Facial

60 min I $110

A facial full of firm! Complexion is first cleansed with a creamy green tea extract and calming coconut milk blend. Next, pores take a deep breath of ‘ahh’ as a rose water and aronia fruit extract tonic is applied. A carefully crafted plantfoliant® blend with organic cucumber extract clears complexion for a banana and New York-grown echinacea mask. Once painted, you can actually feel this delicious blend tighten! Now firmed, a resveratrol-rich serum replenishes complexion with all the good stuff. A hyaluronic gelée moisturizer quenches complexion with vitamin C and squalane to brighten skin. Finally, an under-eye transforming serum is applied to visibly reduce the look of fine lines!

* This facial is also nut free*

Dream Weaver Illuminating CBD Facial

A crisp cleanse made with soothing botanicals: calming cannabinoid-rich full spectrum Hi-Bio® hemp oil, FHF grown micro kale extract and green tea extract thoroughly removes makeup, dirt and oil. It’s followed by a micro buffing with powdered volcanic pumice to polish skin smooth, while red Arizona montmorillonite clay absorbs bacteria and toxins. Next, a peat mud mask rich with organic bio-nutrients is painted onto complexion — this blend delivers deep and soothing hydration. Unwind as a facial massage with a treatment oil delivers 2-part radiance. This blend is crafted from botanical oils that are rich in vital fatty acids & antioxidants, including Hi-Bio® fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with cannabinoids. Natural healing processes are supported with cold fermented Green Gram extract, which absorbs easily and contains powerful free radical fighting tannins. Conclude with a soothing three milk moisturizer and a powerhouse eye serum that sends crow’s feet on the run. The resulting radiant glow is a dream come true!

Brewed to Perfection Facial



Cheers to a refined and chilling complexion! We begin with a foaming cleanser made with a blend of micro kale and green tea extract that not only calms but removes excess oils and makeup. Next, a cucumber water tonic preps skin for a serious Arizona Red Clay exfoliation with willow bark extract to refine the look of pores. We enhance the soothing factor on this seasonal delight with a peat mud & green matcha mask, followed up by a crisp micro lemon balm facial oil massage. Let notes of fresh greens and bergamot orange flutter in the air around you! End this autumnal affair for complexion with a splash of blue matcha hydration and an eye transforming serum to banish fine lines.

*This facial is also nut free*

Citrus Melt Clarifying Facial

A milky, seaberry-rich cleanse washes any excess sebum and oils away to prep for an organic matcha green tea mask — complexion drinks up all the calm! Next, enjoy the brightening benefits from a swipe of clinically developed peel pads, followed by another round of illumination with a juicy citrus spritz! Now we add extra brightening-oomph with a vitamin C booster paired with a brightening peptide. While masking enjoy a targeted massage to the neck, shoulders arms and hands. We end with a squalane-rich moisturizer formulated to plump and hydrate, as an eye-transforming serum perfects with vitamins C, B12 and organic gotu kola!


Desert Willow Ageless Hydration Facial

A decadent cleansing begins by nourishing skin while creating a clean slate. Next, you’re treated to a pore diminishing tonic! Follow with a clarifying mud exfoliation with Arizona red clay and desert willow extract that draws out dirt, toxins, and bacteria, leaving unbelievably clear skin in its wake. An Agave Nectar Oil steaming compress plumps the look of your skin with a special blend of hydrating extracts, giving you an incredible, light youthful glow. Treat yourself to a soothing peat mud and green matcha tea mask with vitamins C & B5 before a dazzling anti aging moisturizer deeply hydrates with advanced peptides to reduce the look of wrinkles. Finally, we focus on the eyes — Crow Catcher® eye perfecting peptide serum is worked into the delicate under eye area, the lids and crow’s feet — to help reverse wrinkles, dark circles and lines with a clinically proven formula that recaptures your youth!

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